Meet Our Team

Small Team. Big Ideas. Making a Big Difference. The magic behind a small firm is this: Collaboration. We are a small and dedicated team with experience across different disciplines, from marketing & branding, to event management & design, to empower you and your brand. We will work closely with you to transform your vision to unique and engaging words, images, concepts and experiences.

Sugo is a very sweet individual. After all, her go-to beverage is a cup of sugar and some coffee in it. However, under this sweet exterior is a kick-ass company director. Trained in both Muay Thai and years of marketing experience, she will sweep you off your feet. Figuratively, of course.

Sugo Rika


Rafie has a soft spot for beautiful designs. In order to create that sort of magic, drinking black tea is a prerequisite. He also enjoys judging book covers before he buys one. Hence, he only has a few books at home. He also quietly judges right now.

Rafie Ramli

Creative Manager

Shannen is the office’s creative artist in residency. Her experience in the local theatre industry as a performer has gifted her with the powers of storytelling and wordsmithery of which she uses for the Greater Good TM. She loves art and earl grey and she wrote everyone’s biography.

Shannen Tan

Marketing Executive (Account & Research)

Kenji is a very colourful individual. The office has witnessed his hair transform from black to blonde to purple to blue. He has always gotten into trouble for constantly scrolling thru social media. Hence, he decided to turn it into a career choice. Being social is the name of the game for Kenji, so hit him up if you ever want a drinking buddy.

Kenji Tan

Marketing Executive (Account & Digital)

Ru Yan lives by two simple mottos: Pink is life. Dogs are Life. Her dream pet would be Corgi. There are three things that Ru Yan places utmost importance in her life: Food, dogs and the colour pink. However, that does not mean her ideal dog is a pink Corgi that she can eat. She spends a lot of time running. Either running during badminton or chasing after clients for money.

Chng Ru Yan

Finance & HR Executive

Boo Cheng Chua is man of mystery for no one can accurately pinpoint which of the aforementioned is his surname. Nevertheless, our beloved Boo enjoys simplicity in his life. He only needs a dose of caffeine to start his day on a good note. Working on metal models and leather crafts fuels his thirst for creativity and innovation.

Boo Cheng Chua

Marketing Associate (Events)