Copy & Content Writing

What if we told you content writing requires strategy. Is that something you are familiar with? Have you worked with countless of copywriters but you are frustrated because they do not bother to angle the article? In all honesty, we have worked a lot with copywriters who are extremely good with stratagic content writing and they are all not local.

A content strategist is a person (yep, definitely a person—not an algorithm) who has previously made a living launching and growing content properties that a lot of people chose to visit. These properties could include an online magazine, a video network, a viral Tumblr, or a popular industry newsletter.

we embark on any form of content writing, we make sure to tick of all that boxes above to ensure the quality of any form of content that we are writing. Here are a few links which we think will work for you. If you are looking for a couple more advice on stratagic content writing & copywriting- feel free to drop us an email at