Event Organizer

You have everything in place, but something came up – you need someone to take your place and run your event for you because you have a last minute overseas business trip to attend to or you have another ongoing event. All you need is an event organising partner!

So why should you hire an event organiser to run your event?

Event organisers are a perfectionist as they are super organised professionals. Call them the master of all trades as their daily job of scope includes venue selection and management, booking entertainment and brand management, invitations, menu details, decorations, attendee appreciation tokens, social media awareness, event photography and even media relations. They are also able to conceptualise and develop a plan for your ideal event — working autonomously in most respects based on your direction, vision, goals and budget.

Don’t leave your event in the hands of your employee who is just ‘winging it’ as even the most devoted employee would like their own personal time than to stay back after office hours to plan your event. You want your employees to be productive and like their job? Then do them and you a favour by strongly considering bringing in an event coordinator to manage your seminars, conferences, customer appreciation or corporate holiday events. Throwing that additional load onto your employees that are not equipped to mitigate crisis is simply bad for your event and your business. Leave it to the professionals, someone with a proven track record in managing corporate events and would give their 100% devotion to ensure your attendees are well taken care of.

A professional event organiser knows the downsides in event planning and will avoid failures at all cost. They can negotiate with venue and catering vendors to help you save dollars due to strong working relationships. Throw them a storm and they are still able to make your event run smoothly as they are trained to thrive in the most stressful conditions. In the last minute, your emcee is down with the flu? No worries as event organiser will be there to mitigate the crisis by ensuring a backup is planned for.

Engaging an event organiser also helps you to save time as you have lesser logistics to worry about than if you were running the show yourself. With an array or vendors and caterers available immediately in their address book, you do not need to carry out an exhaustive search online. You are also able to be a good host on the event day as all logistics will be taken care of by the event organiser. No more running around like a madman, no more spending hours on the phone calling up different vendors and guest speaker to check on their status. You can just sit back, relax and spend your time mingling around and making everybody feel welcome.

If you have the budget, hiring an event organiser might just help you to prevent a few extra grey hairs—saves you time and money; both of which can be spent on making things bigger, better, and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

So what are the question to ask when engaging an event organiser? These questions will help sort the wheat from the chaff by giving you a sense of both their professionalism and their passion:

What are their areas of expertise? Some event organisers might be experts in dinner and dance, and some might be experts in holding conferences or exhibitions. Always check what are they events type they most frequently work on and determine if they are a good fit for your organisation and event. Check with them if they have ever organised an event similar in style and scope to what you are looking for. Be sure to ask for their past event as references.

What services do they offer? This is extremely important as you would want your event organiser to be the one point of contact for all types of services that you wish to engage for your event. Do you need them to find a venue, organise catering, audio visual services, transportation, accommodation, staffing, hire speakers? Do they have a preferred list of venues and vendors that they have worked closely with in the past? A good event organiser has established strong relationships and can help you to secure extra perks that you couldn’t as an individual.

What’s included in their fee? Make sure that your event organiser practice transparency by letting you know of their fees upfront. You wouldn’t want to be taken aback by the bill after your whole event. Check with them on how their charges work; a flat fee, hourly rate, percentage or cost-per-person. Are there additional fees for event staff? If your event is held overseas, are travel expenses included, or will they bill separately? Do they markup third party vendor costs or receive any commissions from suppliers directly or indirectly? As well as the total costs associated with their services, you need to know when payment is due and what forms of payment are accepted.

Who will be working on your event? You will want to know who your daily point of contact will be and if you are both have a good rapport. In any case of your point of contact falls ill on the day itself, who will be the second in charge for you to contact and liaise with? How will my event be staffed on the day? Are they full-time staff, freelancers, independent contractors? Who will be my point of contact on site? A good event management company should offer you a consistent account manager who will work closely with you and be on hand should you need them.

What software and technology do they use? Find out their tool management software used for project management, budgets, event websites, registration, ticketing and analytics and ensure they are using the best available. Using a professional event software and technology not only helps to ensure a well organised production, it can provide all sorts of added value.

How will they protect your event? A professional event organiser should be up to date with all the latest health and safety regulations and be familiar with carrying out event specific risk assessments. Does your event have liability insurance covered? Are all of the event suppliers adequately insured? Will they create an Event Safety Plan for your event?

What are their cancellation and refund policy? Make sure you read through the details of your event organiser contract terms thoroughly. Check on what are their cancellation terms and also bear in mind to ask about the supplier terms as it may differ and additional charges might be incurred. Are there any wet weather plans?

Save all the hassle, contact us today at: general@sho.sg

Private Events

At SHO, we will create the most memorable private event experience on your special day. We will bring to you our personal touch during our first encounter, taking the time to understand your needs, wants, goals and objectives to give the best advice. With just one point of contact to handle every detail of your event, you will always be liaising with someone who is reliable and on the ball.

From birthday parties to weddings, anniversaries, reunion or other family events, creating a unique experience of a lifetime is what we promise you.

We will conceptualise, plan and run your event for you ensuring that all details are being looked after from start to end. From recommending the right venue and visit it with you, to recommending the best menu and drinks lists, decorating your event venue according to theme, we promise to deliver stellar service. By working closely with you to ensure that every detail of your event is in place and that every option is being explored to give you the best solution ever. Whether it is a small-scale private event or a large-scale, we promise that we can recommend the best venue to accommodate your party size. Wish to host your party at home? No problem! We are able to bring our services to your humble nest and create the cosiest experience ever. Want a fascinating magical show or fire breathers or even a live band for your big scale event? Let us arrange it for you!

As we have worked with many trusted event partners throughout the years, we are not only able to help you stay within your budget, but also help you save on unnecessary expenses. Let SHO be your capable right-hand man by taking the load off you while you just enjoy the whole process! We can arrange and bring everything together to create a unique experience of a lifetime.

Still not convince? Here are 7 reasons why you should hire us!

Save Time – During the first appointment, we will go through a KYC (Know Your Client) process together to know your ins and outs on what you want to achieve for your event. We will then meet with the venue coordinator, the entertainers, the photographer and videographer as well as other vendors on your behalf. We will get the work done for you while you relax at home till your event date arrives!

Save Money – Most people might think that planning their own event might save them more as compared to hiring an event planner. But they are so wrong. As we have worked with many vendors on different events over the past few years, we will have more wiggle room to negotiate within your budget and ask for extra items at no cost!

Exquisite Event Outlook – We know how to make your event look good! Want a themed event, it can be done. From decorations to table and seating arrangements, we will ensure that your audiences will be wowed the moment they set their foot in.

Choosing The Right Venue – Depending on the event that you are hosting and what are your goals for it, we will choose the right venue for you! From the accessibility to decorations to food menu selection, we ensure the best choices for you to choose from.

We Will Do Your Work For You – You tell us your big plans and we will break it down into small details to look out for. We will listen closely to what your ideal event setups are and provide our professional advice. We will then incorporate both ideas into the actual execution. Need a videographer or makeup artist for your event but not sure where to look from? Fret not as we got your back cover! We will recommend you the best choices and yet still stay within your budget! No more reading reviews on multiple websites to decide who to engaged!

You Get To Eat – Remember that time when you planned your own party, you were too busy hosting your guests and overseeing every detail that you forgot to eat? We got your event covered, so just indulge yourself with food.

A Breather – When you are planning an event, doing everything yourself seems to be so hectic that you forgot to take a breather. It gets very stressful and it will also affect your mood during the event day. If you hire the right event planner for your event, you get to take a step back and breathe, focus on what you are best at by being productive. You do not have to monitor on the event day as our team of experts will ensure that all logistics and handled. You just focus on welcoming your guests and work the magic in you!

Private Event Services that we do:

  • Birthdays
  • Baby Showers
  • Anniversaries
  • Reunions
  • Holiday Parties
  • And much more!

We also provide other solutions such as:

  • Ceremony Scripting
  • Custom wedding and Dessert Buffets
  • Guest list RSVP Management
  • Hair & Makeup
  • Welcome Reception
  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • Farewell Meal
  • On-site Management
  • Photographer & Videographer
  • Special Performances
  • And many more!

Events do not just happen, but arrive by an appointment. Take the first step by contacting one of our managers and we will arrange an appointment at your convenience to discuss the finer points of your event.