Becoming Event Planner in Singapore

Are you an extrovert who likes to mingle with people from all background in Singapore? Do you find the passion for coordinating and helping people plan for their events? The career as an event planner is highly rewarding, especially. However, like any other job, it is challenging and not easy to become a recognized and successful event planner in Singapore. Event agency in Singapore tends to look for an experienced event planner to help them execute event ideas.

If you are new and you think you have what it takes to become successful in becoming an event planner, then all hope is not lost. To qualify for an event planner, you must be a person with the qualities of a timid and organized person. You must know how to manage things and look for solutions when problems arise. Here are a few tips we can share with you if you decided this career is what it takes to satisfy your heart content.

1. Earn A Degree

A degree is obviously not required but many event agencies in Singapore look for a qualified person with at least a degree in the candidate’s belt. Those with a degree in hospitality, accounting and tourism are the usual targets but it doesn’t matter what major you’re in. The reasoning is that a person with a degree qualification tends to exhibit maturity and reasoning in their justification when making a decision. As an event planner, you are expected to make sound, logical and reasonable decisions when your superior is not available.

2. Experience and a LOT of it

Newcomers to the field must work their way up to gain as much experience as they can. If you are new, consider getting an internship with a reputable event agency in Singapore. While pay is usually low, it’s not the main focus here. Experience is what matters and you should try to get as much exposure to event planning as possible. The different industry has different events need and the diverse experience will help you eventually in your career as an event planner.

3. Networking

Aside from experience, what makes an event planner excel in the field is networking. Networking is important as you try to establish yourself in a pool of people. You don’t have to start big, you can start by joining the local community of professionals to gain insights on how this networking operates. As you waddle through the water and learn the rope of the trade, you can start joining professional organizations such as Junior Chambers International (JCI) and Meeting Professional International (MPI). These professional organizations will help you in setting up the foundation of your career.

4. Certification

Getting certified as a professional event planner goes a long way in ensuring success in your career as an event planner. You have a higher chance of success in getting a job as an event planner with event agency in Singapore. Being certified also means you have the necessary experience and knowledge to plan for a successful event. Let’s face it, events are expensive and it can be costly if an event planner does not know how to plan for the event. There are various event planner certifications that you can check with the local authority.


To reiterate, an event planner as a career choice is highly rewarding. You will be compensated fairly above the market average if you are experienced. However, like any other jobs, higher pay commensurates with a higher level of stress. If you think you can handle the stress and don’t mind the extra moolah (wait, who doesn’t), then be sure to check out with an event agency in Singapore to begin your internship.