Best Practices for Corporate Event Management

Corporate events are an important part of any business and has become a crucial part of marketing efforts for companies. Events have also become a very effective channel for achieving business goals and improving relations with your clients. To have a great and successful event outcome however, the sheer coordination and efforts are greater compared to your general marketing campaigns.

To have a great and successful event is to make the process repeatable and easily executable so that you may continuously stick with this process.

Setting The Right Goals

A lot of people always consider coming up with an event strategy first instead of what the event is suppose to achieve. This will then lead to the event having poor and unsatisfying results. So, a proper event management company will always ask firstly on what you want to achieve with the event.

Once you have a proper goal in mind for the event, you can then have a more solid strategy to work with while bringing the event to life. Always be thorough when setting your goals so that each goal can be achieved by executing the strategy correctly.

  • Defining Your Audience. Depending on what the purpose of the event is. You should always know who this event will be for. This way you will further understand what strategy is best for your audience.
  • Measurable Goals. It is important that you have certain goals set during the event. This will help in understanding the impact that your event is currently giving out.
  • Standardize your Metrics. This is generally for post event data analysis. Because if you have multiple ways of metrics for your event strategy, then it will be hard to keep track of your data.
  • Aligning Goals. So most event companies will have different teams within to make sure the event runs smoothly. It is important that each individual understands the KPI of the event.

Managing your Contacts

Once you have the goals of the event in place, you’ll then want to know who the event is for. If you have been in the industry for a while, you will definitely have a contacts database which you can utilize.

You may consider having a CRM system in place that can help in managing your contacts database. This will greatly assist you in filtering the contacts that you need for a specific event. Event management companies will always have it in place to quickly manage their contacts.

Promoting the Event

Promoting the event is a crucial part for the event. As it is for building anticipation and driving awareness. This will then lead to the right audience attending your event. There are multiple different ways of promoting an event and here are some of the channels you may consider.

  1. Website. Having your own event website can appear more professional and provide more information for your audience.
  2. Email Marketing. With email marketing it’s about segmenting. This way it is possible to send out to the right audience have a higher open and click-through rate.
  3. Social Media. The important thing to note about social media campaigns is the maintaining of uniformity. Means that everything should have the same message.
  4. Content Marketing. This is where you can have articles or just videos as a way of communicating with your audience.
  5. Online Registration. Having a CRM system that can help send out invitations and handle registrations can be helpful in managing your audiences better. At the same time it will appear more professional.

Post Event

When the event comes to an end. This is where you can dissect and see whether the event was successful and the goals were achieve. More often than not most event management companies will always measure and prove the ROI of the event. Properly analyzing the post event is important. And also communicating it with the right people for corporate event planning is a normal practice.

The 3 things to focus on post event are key metrics, connecting the events goals with the business metrics, and finally having a report so that further study can be done by various parties to see what can be improved.