Don’t forget these Four Gestures after every event!

Organising an event can be stressful to many people and companies. It’s the reason why we have professional event management company in Singapore to help us in planning and organising a successful event. Most people or companies pay no attention or discard post-event activities after an event but according to our experience, it is as important as pre-event activities in event planning. Without further ado, here are four gestures which can you can do to wrap up your event to ensure it’s a memorable one for many of your guests.

1. Thanking Your Guests

Extending the courtesy of thanking your guests go a long way. A simple “Thank You” can leave a long lasting positive impression in the mind of your guests and provides an opportunity to create lasting business opportunities or collaboration in the future. You can do this either by sending a post event card, emails or even calls. Just do remember to keep it short and simple and personalised. People usually discard generic message as insincere and this defeats the purpose of such courtesy in the first place.

2. Let the Action do the Talking

With every PR releases these day, many claims to have held successful event. As a professional event management company in Singapore, we suggest you to take it a step further. With each event, collect all the visuals and resources and present them in your PR kits, publishing them on your website and broadcast it out to the public via social media. This will increase the reach as people tend to love it more when they see their happy pictures being uploaded and shared.

3. Internal Feedback Matters

With each successive event, you should sit down with your team to gather around and do a post event evaluation to see if you have hit your event objective. Sometimes we tend to get lost with the event preparation to the point we forget about our event objective. Talk to your team, list down issues faced during the event and come up with possible solution to avoid such issue from happening again in the future.

Feedback matters. It’s akin to a health sign to your event because they reflects your performance on the event. Pay close attention to the evaluation criteria and matrix to properly assess your event performance. If you need help, consider engaging a professional event management company in Singapore as they will be more experienced to help you determine the performance of your event.

4. Testimonials

Word of Mouth is a powerful marketing tool any business can have. Be sure to collect a lot of testimonials from your attendees and showcase them on your marketing avenues. By doing so you stand to gain a lot of credibility in the eye of the public.

In our experience, showcasing testimonials have been a primary drive of revenue and sales in many of our clients. People tend to trust your brand, products and services more if you have a lot of positive testimonials.


These are the four tips we can share with you on how to run a successful event. Do remember that pre-event and post-event activities are equally important. By paying attention and effort to both, you are bound to have a successful event for your company. However if you’re stressed out in planning and need help, or guidance, do consider engaging professional event management company in Singapore to help out with that!