Event Marketing Trends 2019

Major events are evolving, making them one of the most important components in brand marketing. Gone are the days that brands rely on simple kiosk-based direct marketing in malls. Now it’s all about wowing big crowds.

Event Marketing Trends for 2019

One of the most striking trends is the use of technology. Music festivals, technology and entertainment conferences, trade show and exhibits and even simple product launches feature impressive interactive displays and engaging visuals.

Virtual Reality

The use of virtual reality is not just limited to computer, entertainment, and gaming brands. By next year, VRs will be used by different industries to give consumers a unique and sensory experience. These sensory experiences are important because they help audiences connect and feel what the brand wants them to feel. For example, a food brand can use VR to take audiences to kitchens around the metro so they can see how certain food products are used as ingredients.


A decade ago, Celine Dion performed a duet with a hologram of the late, great Elvis Presley. Several years later, hologram anime characters like Miku have gained massive following worldwide. Some television networks have also used this technology to describe certain natural man-made disasters. And now, brands are using them to educate their markets about new products. One of the most prominent tech device brands’ CEO introduced its newest mobile phone model by presenting a hologram version of it.


Facial Recognition and Social Media
Why would you need to augment reality, if you can use reality to personalize and promote your experience? Facial recognition and social media tagging are helpful in broadcasting events to prospect clients far from the event.
Brands are taking advantage of facial recognition in order to gather data from their client. They’ve evolved from using hashtags, to using faces and locations. Facial recognition and social media tagging helps brands find their audience, create their demographic identity, and learn about their wants and needs.

Live Streaming

Instagram and Facebook Stories and Youtube and Facebook Live are the platforms influencers use to promote brands. It may be a short clip of the influencer celebrating his or her favorite team’s advancement in the UEFA Cup. Or the influencer doing an interview with the newest Miss Universe.
Not only influencers use live stream – almost every public personality does. For example, certain artists live stream their concerts and gigs in order to promote their new album or single. Actors and actresses use live stream to share moments from their movie premieres and fanmeets. Even government officials and politicians use live stream to broadcast their campaign efforts.


You can conveniently obtain these technologies directly from their suppliers. But you still need an event marketing company to help you utilize them for your marketing efforts successfully. That’s something that we do for clients.

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