Four Types of Events to Look Out for in 2019

What Is Event Marketing?

Event marketing is one of the most important components in marketing. Holding events is an awesome way of promoting your brand, product, or service to your target audience. Each type of event addresses specific business goals.

What makes event marketing powerful is its element of human interaction. Promoting to people directly increases your chance of garnering more support for your brand, product, or service.

Some popular examples of event marketing are product launches, concerts, and exhibits. The goals of these events may range from raising awareness to building stronger relationships with your clientele to expanding your base.

Different Event Trends for 2019

The type of events that companies do vary year to year. Here are five of the best event types that marketers predict companies will do in 2019.


Seminars and conferences always work in the business setting. It’s always helpful to get key opinion leaders to speak about trends and innovations in your field that would inform your current and prospect market and encourage networking.

Today, seminars are not just important for B2B companies but also for B2C companies. There is so much disinformation available online, and especially on social media. It would be helpful if consumers would hear about certain matters from experts themselves, instead of reading random online articles.

Workshops or Classes

Another great way for your company to market itself is through product trainings, workshops or classes. Holding workshops hits two birds with one stone: promotion and lead generation. They help you showcase your expertise and allow you to obtain a set of warm leads. You can hold the first workshop absolutely free and charge those who are interested in taking up subsequent classes. Or you could hold a few classes free then charge those who will enroll in your annual or quarterly program.

VIP Experiences

Customer retention is an integral part of the marketing process, that’s why you’ll see hundreds of companies that have loyalty cards and programs. Aside from giving them the common discount, give them something to remember for a lifetime. Create exclusive and premium experiences that will make them feel appreciated and most importantly – privileged to have your products and services.

Technology-powered Launches

In one of our previous articles, we tackled the different kind of technologies marketers need to execute events now and in the near future. It included innovations such as VR and the use of holograms. Powering your event with the newest technology shows your audience, as well as your competitors, that your brand is innovative and first in line in terms of progress.

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