How to Pay for Event and Make It Worthwhile?

Let’s be honest, attending any event is not exactly cheap. There’s a reason why it’s expensive if you think about the work an event management company has to go through to organise an event. If you factor in the cost of travel, accommodation and food, you’ll get to see how quickly the cost balloon up. Hence, before attending any event, you need to understand what are the events for and how to maximise your returns from attending such events. Many people consider attending event as a form of investment and here are some tips to maximise your return on investment:

Event Objective

Obviously you need a reason to attend the event. Is the event for networking, or it’s to learn new things? There is a difference here. Having a clear objective helps you to connect with the right people and ask the right questions. By having an objective, you not only save the time, but also took on more probable business opportunities that may work down the road later.

Plan Your Actions

It is crucial to have a plan before attending any event. You need to plan to minimise the downtime, such as transit, where to eat and what to do. This is so that you can maximise the time you’re spending on the event. Why is that? You will be surrounded with like minded people on the event who wants to connect with each other so this is the best time to connect. It’s important to take on the opportunities to connect with as much great people as possible because after-all, business is about networking.

One good tip is to ensure you plan where you want to eat. Eating delicious food not only greatly improves your morale, but it also gives additional topics to talk about and pave way for the next meeting. Ask for recommendations on better place and set up the next meeting there.

Business Cards

Prepare your business cards and make sure you have sufficient amount of it. Give out business cards to new people you meet over the event. Ask for their contacts too. One pro tip for you, when receiving the business card, be sure to glance through to show interest and ask questions as if you’re genuinely interested on their business further. Take note behind the business card if you’re keen to connect further so you remember what details have been discussed with the person.

Quickly Follow Up

Any network gained during the events die down quickly after the event has ended. The good thing about attending event is that everyone has break the ice so it’s quick to re-establish the connection. You can email them to thank them for the time spent and ask for further meet up. A quick tip for you is to make sure the email sounds genuine and sincere. Automated responses can be identified easily, which can end up disastrous for you – as it show lack of interest to the receiver.


In conclusion, attending any events can only be beneficial if you have a set objective. If you’re keen to check out new events that are coming nearby to your location, check out with any event management company nearby you.