What’s new for Event Industry in 2019?

Trends and technologies surrounding the events management industry changes every year, if not for the better. We are always excited with the introduction of new technologies as they make the job event management a tad easier. We took a deep dive through the entire 2018 to see what’s new and changing which we think will take a center stage in 2019 and here’s our observation:
Marketing – Sharing of Contents Digital marketing continues to take the center stage for event marketing with shareable contents being the centerpiece of the event’s success. Contents are shared easily and are accessible by anyone thanks to the high mobile phone penetration in Singapore as well as fast 4G internet connection. For example, we foresee events to focus on putting up with more photo worthy contents so the general users will be more willing to capture or share contents with others within their circle. Events with standout contents will harness the power of social media especially Instagram and Snapchat to promote the brands or services synonym with the event’s objective. Marketing – Drip Marketing Those not familiar with marketing terms may be asking what’s Drip Marketing? Essentially it’s the marketing process of slowly introducing stories, contents or information to your guests over a span of time in an event. Think of a new car unveiling event spanning across few days – it’s all about establishing that personal connection towards the product, getting people interested in the event rather than bombarding them with buy buttons all across the advertising medias. Technology – Flying Saucers (Drone) With the technological progress of drones today, we foresee drones becoming more important and an integral part of any event management company in Singapore. Drones will be deployed throughout the event space, either for filming, security management or carrying promotional contents. Technology – Livestreaming
Photo: Jonas Svidras @ STEP.CAMERA
Fairly popular last year, we foresee many event companies will ramp up more livestreams of their events this year as there are still aplenty area to explore for introducing livestreams. We believe livestream to be a powerful tool as it allows people to connect to the event remotely – without physically being there. Event Venue Out with the old and in with the new. We foresee a big change in how event management companies select their event venue in 2019. Event management companies will begin to spend more time searching for that one place that is unique and able to leave more lasting impressions.
Last but not least pertaining to event, we believe interactive venues will begin to pave way for better event impressions in 2019. With the maturity of technology such as AR and VR, more event management companies will breach the conventional border that was once an obstacle by bringing in innovative new ideas to ensure their event remains vibrant, interesting and unique. The event industry is always constantly changing, we believe for the better. New, unexpected fresh trends will emerge this year paving the path for next year’s innovation. As an event management company in Singapore, it can be challenge to keep up with the pace of technological advances but however a rewarding one if we manage to do, ensuring the finest and best event for you.