The Brief

Two Chinese restaurateurs engaged Sho as their strategic brand communications agency for their upcoming new venture – Eight Signatures Seafood Restaurant located at Serangoon Gardens.

The Objective: To recreate a new brand positioning that resonates with locals and to develop a new communication strategy to increase the number of local customers to the restaurant.

The Challenges

“Ultimately, this lack thereof led to a bottleneck in their previous seafood restaurant venture. Their past advertising efforts led to no substantial results and their local customer base remained stubbornly at less than 10% for the past 5 years. The over-reliance on Chinese foreigners within their personal networks as the main audience led to limited success.”

The Strategy

As all new businesses, we started from ground zero. We restructured their business model and underwent a comprehensive branding phase for the restaurant.

A key strategic focus was to select the Eight Signatures Seafood Platter as the signature dish to positively differentiate the restaurant over competitors.

This was complemented with a forward thinking digital strategy that would grow an audience and client base outside of the personal networks of the two restaurateurs.

Before we could embark on our journey towards organic visibility, we needed to gain momentum for Eight Signatures as a brand. 

By studying the target audience, we conducted a Facebook giveaway campaign to earn shares, engagement and impressions from our target group. 

When customer engagement improved, as a result of a well-timed strategy, the positive reviews came streaming in on Facebook.

Media Relations

We caught the attention of Wong Ah Yoke, the veteran food critic of The Straits Times, and invited him to dine at Eight Signatures. As a respected food critic known for his honest reviews, his article on Eight Signatures boosted a significant increase in customers who are curious to have a taste.

Eight Signatures was also the chosen host for Left Profile’s Chinese New Year dinner in 2018. Well-loved local celebrities Michelle Chong, Pornsak and Lee Teng, alongside the Left Profile team, feasted on the Eight Signatures Seafood Platter. Michelle Chong, a known foodie, posted it on her own Instagram with 118k followers.

In May 2018, Eight Signatures was treated to a double-spread feature and an online post courtesy of our agency partnership with  i-weekly. i-weekly, Singapore’s No. 1 Chinese magazine, has a total readership of 182,000 per month with 96,000 likes on their Facebook page.

By leveraging on our agency partnerships, Eight Signatures has an earned media of at least SGD7,600 from the double-spread feature alone.

The Results

In a span of less than 3 months, Eight Signatures Seafood Restaurant garnered over 1,000 Facebook likes and received 60 highly positive organic reviews from customers. After 3 months of marketing efforts, the local customer base exceeded expectations and grew from barely 10% to 70%.

Revenue has also increased by 30% after 3 months.