The Brief

Have Fun KTV is a karaoke chain founded by a young Chinese entrepreneur in 2014. Other than the usual karaoke facilities, Have Fun KTV features a variety of themed rooms such as the VIP Room with its own darts machine, interactive pool table and pole dancing stage.

The Objectives: To position the Have Fun KTV brand to one that resonates with the local brand before developing a strategy to penetrate the local market and thereby increase its local brand visibility.

The Challenges

Although the demographics of KTV consumers have widened to include teenagers after school, families gathering on the weekends, and party-goers rounding the night off, Have Fun KTV lacked the knowledge to penetrate the sizeable local market. 90% of the customer base was made up of personal connections and clients from China.

The Strategy

Prior to developing a strategy, we conducted research on two fronts. The first being the customer’s perception and expectations of KTV chains given its popularity within the local market. The second being competitors’ analysis as there are well-known local KTV chains and it is paramount for a new brand such as Have Fun KTV to be positively differentiated from the current offerings.

Drawing from these insights, Sho laid the foundations for Have Fun KTV’s branding and brand communications. In order to pave the way forward, Sho developed a new brand strategy which included training the service and marketing team to understand the new brand identity and ensure that brand messaging is consistent at each customer touchpoint.

The Results

Our strategy to penetrate the local market proved successful. Within a timeframe of a month, Have Fun KTV experienced a quick turn-around and its local customer base increased from 10% to 20%. After 4 months, this proportion of local customers grew  to 50%.

Have Fun KTV continues to follow the brand foundations that Sho has set for them. The increase in local market share has allowed for them to expand their operations. Have Fun KTV went on to open an outlet at 313 Somerset.