The Brief

Omakase Burgers constantly received positive reviews from 8 Days over the years. 8 Days had kindly bestowed upon Omakase Burgers as “possibly the best burger in Singapore” and “as good as the best we’ve had in New York.” Once again, Omakase Burger was awarded the 8 Days #EATDIRTY 2017 Readers’ Choice Award. As such, the Client tasked SHO to ideate a campaign to thank their customers.

To develop a customer appreciation strategy in response to 8 Days bestowing them the 8 Days #EATDIRTY 2017 Reader’s Choice Award

The Challenges

The biggest challenge was to understand the diverse base of Omakase customers and their expectations and use it as an entry point to develop a customer appreciation strategy that would  not to erode the brand value but would increase customer loyalty and advocacy and thereby, increased sales growth.

The Strategy

Omakase Burger prior marketing history was taken into deliberate consideration. As Omakase Burger had never utilized promotions as part of their diverse marketing tactics, it was intuitive to do so during this period as a form of gratitude to fans of Omakase Burger.  Reciprocity to the customers was integral in our customer appreciation strategy.

In order not to erode the brand value of Omakase Burger, the promotional tactic of value- added offers such as the 1-for-1 was chosen over price discounting. The promotion was limited to eight days for two major reasons.

Firstly, this was a reference to the 8 Days magazine. Secondly, the limited-time offer would motivate an immediate response and drive high sales at the outlets during the short-term. Thus, the mechanics of the promotion was strategized in a manner that would tie-in both online and offline brand engagement.

The Results

In a mere 8 days, the campaign metrics showed success both online and offline. The campaign led to a dramatic 66% increase of Facebook likes from 4,527 to 7,504. The total social media reach of the promotion escalated to 354,433.

This campaign also led to a 41% increase of traffic to the Omakase Burger outlets at The Grandstand and Picnic Food Park.