The Brief

The Client is Singapore’s 1st garden-themed food hall. It is a multi-cuisine communal dining restaurant that combines the buzz of a food truck park with an immersive outdoor experience at the comfort of being indoors. Picnic Food Park is grounded in the belief that food is the “No. 1 Lifestyle hobby for diners”.

The Objectives: To increase the brand awareness of Picnic to their primary target audience and secondary target audiences as well as to increase revenue of Picnic via events.

The Challenges

With high rental rates, dividing a space for different uses is a good way to offer an all-in-one experience. However, it cannot be a mere mish-mash of concepts. For a multi-concept store to be sustainable, it is paramount that the owner has to take care of all aspects and not let one do worse than the other. While the owner of Picnic possesses F&B expertise, the challenge is for Picnic not to neglect its lifestyle element.

The Strategy

The F&B and lifestyle events segment of  must integrate well. Alongside the running of the restaurant, there must be a good calendar of activities.

After the initial research, the primary target audiences were identified to be families, young parents and couples while the secondary target audiences were identified as working adults.

By identifying the target demographics, this allowed us to programme a selection of relevant and interesting events to establish Picnic as an ideal location for meetings, relaxation and celebration.

The Results

The pilot event programmed is Comedy Night  at Picnic featuring iconic drag queen comedian Kumar. This event occurs only on Thursdays as it is the quietest night at Picnic. This Comedy Night event has met with great success as all events thus far has been sold out.

The strategic decision to incorporate the prices of one main course and a drink into a Comedy Night Ticket paid off. Picnic generated a healthy increase in revenue from the Comedy Nights and improved its brand awareness due to the influx of many first-time customers who came for the event.

The successful pilot event will be extended. To add on to the calendar, other demographic-centric events such as Pop-Up Movies and Family Day Out have been added to the mix in the near future to brand Picnic as the location for memorable experiences.