The Brief

Our Client is a distributor company who had recently acquired the distributorship rights for a global brand of bottled cocktails called RIO Cocktail.

The Objectives: To produce branding and marketing collaterals for RIO Cocktail and to idea campaigns to increase its brand awareness and thereby drive sales.

The Challenges

Although it has immense popularity in China, due to product placements and sponsorships, the Client could not leverage heavily on this due to the lack of its brand awareness within the Singaporean target audience. This led to slow sales.  Additionally, the Client did not have an existing branding guideline or branding collaterals.

The Strategy

We researched on the existing branding that RIO Cocktail has in China. We used that information to set the branding foundations for RIO Cocktail. The brand essence of RIO Cocktail as trendy and upbeat is kept  but the messaging was tweaked to appeal to the local market of 18 to 34 year old millennial women.

Millennial women are highly social yet peer influenced. Additionally, millennial women are known to view themselves as brand partners and expect to be included in the brand story and experiences. Keeping this in mind, we launched an Instagram campaign and embarked on a pop-up venture with RIO Cocktail at Artbox 2018.

The Results

Based on existing literature on marketing to millennial women, we crafted a micro- influencer campaign entitled #WhichRioAreYou where the mechanics gave room for the micro-influencers to respond creatively to their favourite bottle of RIO and share in the caption how they relate to the personality of the chosen bottle.

With a small allocated budget, the exceeded expectations by garnering brand awareness to 11,306 individuals  and brand engagement to 6363 individuals. Effectively, this meant that the campaign amounted to SGD0.0442 per person for brand awareness  and SGD0.0786 per person for brand engagement.

We followed up the buzz amongst this demographic by collaborating with RIO Cocktail to have a booth at Artbox 2018.  The booth and its collaterals was designed, produced and logistically managed by Sho. The Client was satisfied with the sales volume made during the two weekends.